How Can Your Las Vegas Company’s Cybersecurity and Compliance be Improved?

From our office in Henderson, the Epic IT Group provides high-impact IT security solutions for Las Vegas companies just like yours. Whether you need a simple cybersecurity assessment or complete, ongoing IT security management, our IT professionals are here to protect your investment in your company.

Security Vulnerabilities Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Did you know that a high percentage of cyber-intrusions result from employee error?

Just by clicking the wrong link or opening an email from an unverified source, your employees can unwittingly allow the bad guys to access your systems. Once there, criminals will exploit your business to trade on your personal information, your client’s private data, and your financial profile.

You can’t allow that to happen.

We provide employee training that will help your staff spot intrusion attempts, phishing emails, fake websites, and more. By training your employees in IT security basics, you can drastically reduce the chances of dehibilitating cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, your security gaps don’t end with your staff, your systems need attention as well. It’s not enough to set up a firewall and an antivirus program and let them run. Both must be continually updated and managed to ensure they do the job.

Other aspects of your IT systems that need to be surveyed to assess their vulnerability potential are:

  • Email systems
  • Operating systems
  • Data backup systems
  • Wireless access points

What is included in the Epic IT Group’s cybersecurity package?

  • Implementing BitLocker to encrypt your computer’s hard disk and ensuring that the 128-bit or 256-bit key is secured and available to you if needed.
  • Protecting Office 365 clients by setting up Azure Rights Management
  • Encrypting email to keep it from being used by criminals – even if it is intercepted or stolen.
  • Encrypting backup locally, in transit and at rest
  • Setting up a group policy if required
  • Configuring and managing firewalls
  • Setting up permission requirements to ensure only authorized individuals have access to files and applications
  • Physically separating sensitive materials from materials accessed by everyone in the company
  • Ensuring backups are done on a regular schedule, verifiable, and easily recoverable
  • Monitoring IT systems for anomalies
  • Responding to security alerts from our monitoring systems

What do we do?

We lock it down – making sure unauthorized people aren’t accessing your systems and your sensitive data.

How does the Epic IT Group’s staff of IT professionals deal with complex, IT compliance requirements?

Many industries are subject to industrial compliance standards or legislative compliance requirements. In short, your industry or the government has mandated certain IT security protocols for your company. These compliance requirements can become complicated and cumbersome very quickly.

We’re here to help you stay compliant without spending endless hours in front of a computer!

The Epic IT Group’s team of IT professionals specializes in the IT compliance requirements of:

  • HIPAA – HIPAA legislation applies to healthcare-related businesses and the companies that do business with them with access to ePHI. Meeting HIPAA compliance requires an attention to detail combined with a knowledge of today’s cyber-security protocols. Your hosting must be up to the standard, and your ePHI and related healthcare data must be handled Yearly audit requirements must be met and verified by an IT professional.
  • FINRA – FINRA legislation applies to the financial services industry much in the same way that HIPAA legislation is applied to those in the healthcare industry. It requires that specific IT security protocols be implemented and specifies regular audits to ensure compliance with the individual elements of the legislation.

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