Could your professional services business benefit from an IT overhaul?

Could your professional services business benefit from an IT overhaul? As a busy professional, you have wholeheartedly embraced technology to help you maximize the time available in your work day.  Technology has greatly simplified our way of doing things.  No longer are busy physicians or consultants bound to paper and pen or traditional filing systems for documents and file storage. Long ago, we said adios to snail mail and made way for secure email transmission to get sensitive client information from one location to another quickly and safely.

All these changes have revolutionized the way, professional services-based companies do business—and for the better.  Never before have we had the ability to accomplish more—much more—in the same amount of time.

The Epic IT Group Services

  • Comprehensive IT Maintenance and Monitoring—Could your medical practice or consulting business benefit from remote and constant IT maintenance and monitoring? Epic IT Group has you covered!  We offer sophisticated remote software options from our strategic partners to ensure continuous and optimal IT service without interruptions, downtime, or delays.
  • Compliance Standards Expertise—It is critical for compliance regulations for the businesses in the professional services industry be strictly adhered to. Penalties for failing to do so are severe.  There is no leniency for ignorance.  Need someone with HIPAA expertise to get and keep your business compliant?  Could your consulting firm use a helping hand keeping up with the compliance legislation mandated for your field?  Epic IT Group is your team.  We have successfully integrated, fulfilled, and maintained compliance legislation standards for many businesses just like yours, and we are ready to assist you.
  • Office 365—Office 365 is the new gold standard for the business future. You’ve no doubt been using it for some time.  But are you getting the most from this powerhouse suite?  Our IT consultants can help maximize your Office 365 potential to increase your office efficiency. 
  • Cloud Services—Never has collaboration been easier than with cloud services! Need a team that can get and keep your team synchronized?  Looking for better support for mobile services?  Epic IT Group is your professional IT team with cloud services expertise.  We can help you increase your company productivity with a few simple tweaks and some advanced employee training.   Greater collaboration is just a phone call away with IT from Epic IT Group.
  • Data Backup and Recovery—Through the use of image and file-based data storage options, Epic IT Group ensures that no matter what is happening in the world around you, your data is never truly Whatever you need, whenever you need it—we make certain that you have it.
  • Business Continuity—It’s important to know that if disaster strikes or Mother Nature doesn’t play nicely that your business can continue on target without skipping a beat. Epic IT Group excels at contingency planning for emergencies including power outages or weather-induced data loss.  Our proactive strategies ensure you will never need to be reactive.
  • IT Security—The importance of confidentiality and security in the professional services sector cannot be overstated. Your business reputation is built upon it, and a breach could spell the end of the practice you’ve spent your life building.  But you needn’t fear.  Epic IT Group has your back.  With top-tier cybersecurity solutions from leading IT security firms, your data is one hundred percent safe, one hundred percent of the time.

If you are like most people in the professional services sector, your days are jam-packed.

Many days, there isn’t even time for lunch let alone for your technology to break down.   You can’t afford to tie up a staff member to deal with IT problems.

It’s time to outsource your IT needs to a managed IT services firm.

Ready to maximize your cloud potential?

Are your systems in need of patches or upgrades?

Could your security use consistent monitoring and maintenance to prevent potential security breaches?

Epic IT Group can deliver this and so much more.  Our Las Vegas Valley and Henderson based business has the skills you need to drive your professional services company forward in your quest to reach your goals.

The Epic IT Group Values

Epic IT Group believes the best business practices are relationship-driven.  Companies who base their partnerships on a set of common core principles thrive as they work together towards a mutual goal.

Epic IT Group is a team of IT professionals with a firm commitment to honesty and integrity in all that we do.  When you choose Epic IT Group to manage your IT services, you gain a trusted friend.  We listen when you talk so that we have a full understanding of the direction you are headed.  Taking the time to understand your vision for your medical practice or consulting firm helps us to visualize the tools you need to take you there.

But more than all of this, a partnership with Epic IT Group brings you a team that always has your best interests at heart.  For us, it’s not about money.  It’s about getting things right and helping a valued friend succeed.

So, what are you waiting for?  All of the IT you need to drive your business to their goals is just a phone call away with IT from Epic IT Group.

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