Are You Tired of Doing IT Maintenance and Troubleshooting All On Your Own?

You and your employees have a lot to get done in a day. Your time is valuable. So why are you still trying to do all your own troubleshooting, updates, upgrades, purchase research, backups, and patching? Maintaining and repairing your computers and servers takes a lot of time out of your schedule – and time is money. Partner with Epic IT group now and free yourself and your team from these time-sucking, tedious IT maintenance and IT management tasks. The Epic IT Group is the premier outsourced Managed IT Services provider in the Henderson area of Las Vegas.

We pay attention to your technology’s health, so you don’t have to!

What is Managed IT Services?

It’s an industry term that simply means that we deliver continuous management, maintenance, and functional monitoring care for your entire IT environment.

By outsourcing some or all your IT support needs to Epic IT Group, you will finally be able to work without constant roadblocks, speedbumps, and slowdowns caused by your business technology.

After all…

We believe that all Henderson businesses deserve IT systems that work flawlessly and are optimized to their individual internal processes.

And that’s exactly what we deliver!

Make the choice now to outsource your IT management, maintenance, and monitoring to Epic IT Group and get it all for an easily budgeted monthly subscription price.

That’s right.

Never again will you have to fear the dreaded break/fix surprise bill.

We’ll keep your business IT running at full speed for one simple monthly payment.

We include all the Management, Maintenance, and Monitoring your company needs in one simple package.

Antispam Services

Keep your email inbox clean of junk emails that distract and waste your time.

Antivirus Scanning, Alerting, Quarantine Management

Guard your computers from malware that does damage, steals information, and creates vulnerabilities.

User Management

  • New User Setup and Decommissioning
  • Mobility and Remote Access setup and turnoff
  • New Desktop Setup, Peripheral Installations, and Decommissioning
  • User Profile, Settings and Data migration

Server Hardware

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Failure Remediation

Offsite Backup (up to 2.5TB of storage); can be increased where necessary

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Failure Remediation

Local Backup

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Failure Remediation

Unlimited Onsite Desktop and Server Support (during normal operational business hours)

Don’t pay extra for on-site visits. We won’t hesitate to roll out to your location if we are needed there to deal with an issue.

Unlimited Remote Desktop and Server Support (during normal operational business hours)

Give your employees access to the IT answers and troubleshooting they need to stay productive throughout the work day.

Update and Patch Windows Operating System and 3rd Party Applications

  • Chrome & Firefox
  • Antivirus Software and Definitions
  • Java
  • Adobe Reader
  • QuickBooks (Software & Company File)

Meetings with Company Stakeholders

  • Roadmap to gauge the IT Infrastructure currently in use and its health, what the current objectives are for the company, and how to harness IT to reach the goals set forth by the company
  • Review outstanding issues and project statuses
  • Service metrics

Let’s get started! Get complete, subscription-based IT care for your business now by calling (702) 720-6853 or sending an email to

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