Searching for a Principled IT Support Company?

We’re big enough to handle your biggest IT support problems, but we’re small enough to sit down and understand your objectives and give expert advice.

But the IT support we deliver isn’t just about our size and our skill.

It’s about you, your business, your workflow, and your organizational goals.

We’re more concerned about our current clients than our next sales pitch.

We believe that YOU are important, and we treat you accordingly.

Company Purpose – Mission Statement

The Epic IT Group team is on a mission…

  • To be more than an IT consultant or vendor.
  • To be a strategic IT partner – delivering IT environments that support workflow.
  • To understand and implement the technology that you want to use.
  • To help you plan for growth, increase efficiency, or cut costs through automation.
  • To leverage your existing technology to its fullest potential by keeping open and transparent communication with you.
  • To help you make your business a success by becoming personally invested in its success with you.

Our Principles

Help your business plan for the future.

From the very outset of our relationship with your company we will begin providing you with the IT knowledge and advice you need to reach toward your goals. By engaging the key stakeholders in conversations, we will determine the IT component you need in relation to:

  • Where do you see the business going and growing?
  • What do you want to be doing?
  • What products – hardware and software – do you love?
  • What products are you currently working with?

Our IT consultants will show you the true cost of making changes and help you develop plans to get you where you want to go.

Information technology should work for your business not vice versa.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter IT solutions. We treat each business as the unique organization that it is. By tailoring your IT support package to your individual company’s needs we can help you deal with the challenges your company faces today while preparing it for the evolving IT landscape of tomorrow.

Completely transparent and offer reports of health of IT systems

  • Are your machines patched?
  • Up to date antivirus?
  • How much free space is on your machines?
  • What is your hard drive utilization?
  • Is your hard drive less than 10% idle time?
  • Are you using more than 90% of your memory?
  • Are you running many services on one server or computer?

Our reports will outline and answer these questions and more, so you can make informed decisions about what your company needs moving forward.

Technology should not just be viewed as a cost of doing business but as an opportunity to automate functions and reduce costs.

We are looking for clients that view their technology as an asset – not a necessary evil.

Our clients know that they are going to have to invest in their IT environments. But they also know that their investment is going to pay off.


Because our clients know that the value of optimized technology is greater than the cost of IT infrastructure or maintenance.


Our clients see the value of IT advice from Epic IT Group. Our IT consultants craft holistic IT strategies that are geared to bring more efficiency to your daily productivity efforts.

Let’s get started!

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