Looking for an IT Support Expert in the Henderson Area of Las Vegas?

Are you tired of doing business with IT support companies that don’t seem to know what they are doing? Sure, they can do an update or install a firewall – all the usual stuff. But when something really goes wrong, they just can’t seem to figure it out.

What’s missing?

Experience and Technical Expertise.

The technicians of Epic IT Group have been caring for the business technology of companies just like yours since 2004.

We know what we are doing.


We know what to look for and what to fix when things go wrong.

Do you need a troubleshooting expert?

We pride ourselves on the ability to work quickly to find the unique solutions and work-arounds that no one else can!

We’ve proven our skillset time and time again as we have been called in to clean up IT problems and find fixes to challenging IT issues.

Our technicians are your advisors! – Helping you overcome IT headaches and roadblocks to ensure optimal workflow.

Our technicians are personable! – Working closely with you to discover the cause of your IT woes and getting you up and running again quickly.

Our technicians are knowledgeable! – Solving issues and automating processes within the software that your business uses every day, including:

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Windows
  • QuickBooks
  • Intuit

Are you facing IT challenges that your internal staff can’t handle?

Let us be your guide! We have the technical expertise to help your team get things running smoothly and avoid future downtime. We are available to meet your day to day needs and emergency situations such as:

  • Software configurations
  • Data recoveries
  • Complex workflow automations
  • Application integrations
  • Sudden computer or server crashes
  • Unexpected IT slowdowns

Don’t you want an IT support team that combines defense AND offense into their IT support strategy?

Everyone knows that a good team is composed of players that excel in both offense and defense. Why is it important for you to have an IT support team that does the same?

Without strong defenses like network security, email security, and wireless security, your company quickly becomes vulnerable to hackers, malware, and ransomware.

Without a strategic offensive plan including regular OS updates, software upgrades, and backups, your company’s productivity levels will slow down due to sluggish computer systems.

Having both defense and offense is better than one or the other alone.

What is working with the IT professionals of Epic IT Group like?

We are most often brought into a company for one of two reasons:

  1. There is an immediate computer/server problem that needs to be fixed so the company can continue to function. This is usually an emergency situation, and our troubleshooting skills shine as we find the issue, fix the problem, and bring the company’s workflow back online.
  2. The company has grown to the point where they need to outsource their ongoing IT maintenance and management needs. This is a monthly contract that provides the client with complete IT systems care at a budgetable, monthly cost.

Are you considering outsourcing your IT support? Let us show you the value of a managed service contracts vs. time and materials.

Let us demonstrate our value to you!

  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We step up when you need us to step up.
  • Our troubleshooting and business systems optimization techs can make amazing things happen.
  • We’ll help you and your employees by freeing you from time-consuming IT maintenance tasks – so you can have more time at home with family.
  • We build real relationships with the people we do business with — instead of treating you like a number or an invoice.
  • We have your best interest at heart!

We want your business to succeed. Why? Because when your business grows, we grow right along with you – caring for your IT support needs.

Let’s get started! Contact us now at (702) 720-6853 or info@epicitgroup.com

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